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Jon Vander Werff
What would your tax planner do? Did you become a Bitcoin millionaire last year and cash in? Tax day is only a little over a month away and it’s almost time to settle up with Uncle Sam.  Are you self-employed? Have a rental property? Any foreign income or investments? Did you track your transportation expenses when...
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Year End
What will be your New Year’s resolution?    Did you resolve to save more money in 2021? Almost half of all Americans did. Collectively we’re on track to save more this year than in any year in decades, except for 2020. Considering that less than 10% of New Year’s resolutions are successful, we shouldn’t be...
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When and where do we learn personal finance behavior? Young adults who receive financial education are less likely to carry credit card debt, and more likely to apply to and receive grants and financial aid. Despite this fact, the Council On Economic Education goes on to say that less than 17% of students were required...
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