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In spite of all of the negative headlines these days, there is a wealth of good that has come from the communities during these trying times. Healthcare professionals and essential workers continue to lead the frontlines as we progress through the events of the COVID-19, Coronavirus pandemic.   As we wrote in previous articles there are...
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Healthcare Professionals
We are living in unprecedented times. For many of us, our daily routines might have changed, such as trading the commute to work for the pajama bottoms meeting. However, for many in the community, life continues on without too many difficult adjustments. There is a certain group of individuals out there, who have never had their...
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5 Money Actions
While many people are rushing to the grocery and big-box stores around the world to stock up on life’s necessities, many are failing to see the long-term implications of reviewing their financial situation. Instead, individuals are replacing their well-thought-out strategies with emotional reactions, often through fear. In times of fear, the action itself does not matter...
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As of writing this article, the markets continue in a downward trend. Headlines around the world are telling everyone to embrace for the worst regarding the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). When it comes to you and your family’s health, at My Financial Coach, we encourage everyone to stay vigilant, listen to the recommendations of the Center...
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For weeks, anxious investors have had to endure headlines that conjure memories of the 2008 Financial Crisis. During these times of market volatility it is important to keep the situation in perspective, and while the headlines of today may seem unprecedented, panic can have unintentional consequences.   The latest news coming out for the coronavirus (COVID-19)...
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