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Benefits for Physicians who are Self-Employed or in Independent Practice

Independent Contractors

Independent Contractors typically are not provided the same employee benefits packages as company employees. As such, you face the challenge and ongoing need for healthcare and other related benefits. Plus, you need it to be cost-effective and hassle-free. My Financial Coach and Milton Park Partners has a solution for you!

MFC/MPP has a solution that will allow independent contractor physicians to have access to a wide range of cost-effective benefits through a benefits program exclusively designed for you. The program offers Fortune 500 Company type benefits to independent contractors benefits through Cigna Healthcare with Four Medical Plan options.

Many of your colleagues that work for larger employers or even Fortune 500 Companies tout their workplace benefits like having access to a 401(k) and large benefits such as health and life insurance. You wanted to be different. You wanted to create something and have freedom in your career. But what if you could remain independent but still have access to the benefits of the other half? As an independent contractor, you now can have access to Fortune 500 type benefits, without having to run a payroll like a PEO. If you have employees, you can include them too, under a different structure:

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Rates and Options

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