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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions
Unbiased and Unconflicted Advice
“How long will it take to get a plan?”

Our coaches will use a 3-part system to prepare your plan. The initial part should take about 30 minutes. This is where our coaches get to know you and decide if our financial planning process is right for you. Our calls are always recorded for training and quality purposes. At the end of this call, you will know what additional information you will need to provide to the coach, and will have full access to your “personal financial website”

Our second part will typically be a longer call than the first, and will take approximately an hour or more per call.. Each call is a personalized experience tailored to each client, and the coach will have all of the information that they need to prepare your plan, as well as do any financial modeling and forecasting work to stress-test your financial plan.

Our third part is where you will receive and go over the financial plan that your coach has designed for you. After this, you and your coach will at minimum arrange quarterly check-ins to review if there have been any major changes such as marital status, new home purchases etc. however, you can schedule as many appointments with your coach as you would like! 

“I have my financial plan. Why do I need quarterly check-ins?”

Think of your financial plan like a map, and your coach like a tour guide. Maps are always being updated as new information becomes available. Without a guide or map that is up to date, it is much easier to get lost or off track from your goals.

“How much does this cost?”

Our pricing can be found here.

“Can I see my coach in person?”

Our planning services are entirely digital. You can meet virtually through Google Meets.

“What kind of clients does My Financial Coach serve?”

We provide our services to highly compensated and complex employees in the form of a benefit, as well as to individuals with complex planning needs. Our services are best suited for high net-worth individuals who need sophisticated planning that may involve special needs, legacy planning, and family office style services.

“How are your prices so much lower than similar competitors?”

We have structured our business to be digital, which has allowed us to cut the costs that come with in-person financial advising. More information can be found on this chart.

“If I have a financial advisor, will I still benefit by having a coach?”

Yes! Not all financial advisors plan the same way, and a second opinion is always a good idea. By working with one of our unbiased coaches, you will have a clear understanding of your financial situation and what products you really need.

“What planning tools will I have access to?”

Our software can help you with anything from basic monthly budgeting to long term retirement projections. 

“Can someone help me link all of my accounts on your platform?”

Yes. My Financial Coach’s services are a blend between an online interface and guidance from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. We will walk you through the process step by step. We have also created this handy guide to help after the call as well

“Are all of your coaches CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™?”

A requirement to be hired onto our team is for the coach to have their CFP® certification.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
“Does it cost more for me to use an SME through MFC?”

You will pay the same for the SME’s services through MFC as you would if you went to them directly.

“Is the SME included in the price of planning?”

The SME services will be an additional cost beyond the planning to you.

“Does MFC pay the SME or do I?”

For any products or services that the client will be working with the SME on, the client will be billed directly through the SME. MFC will only bill the client for the annual or monthly cost of the planning services we provide.

**It should be noted that “My Financial Coach” the company does receive a small percentage of the payment for the services from the SME as a “referral fee”. As stated before, a coach will never need to meet any metrics regarding utilization of SMEs, and a coach will never receive any bonuses because of SME related activity to keep the coach unbiased. 

The CFP® requires all to operate under the fiduciary responsibility to act in clients’ best interests at all times. This includes directing them to a product that they may need. That is why we have a list of SMEs available to you to choose from when the client is not already working with someone.

“What are products?”

Products are life insurance, long term care, business succession planning, tax planning, estate planning, health insurance, etc. A full list of products and areas of SME expertise can be found on this page.

“What is Milton Park Partners?”

Milton Park Partners(MPP) is one of our largest SME partnerships offering access to Fortune 500 level benefits to independent contractors and the self-employed. Milton Park Partners will handle payroll, compliance, benefits, and HR.

A coach’s role is to help employees with benefit decisions so that they can maximize the value of their benefits and utilize them to meet their financial goals.

Visit this page for more information:


Software Security
“Can coaches see everything that I upload?”

No. The clients have the option to keep some documents private from their coach. Coaches are unable to make any transactions in a client’s connected account since they have read-only information access. The coaches are also not able to access any of the client’s login information. Security is very important at My Financial Coach.

“How secure is My Financial Coach?”

Our security measures include everything from a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer system to two factor authentication; the data centers themselves are guarded and under 24/7 video surveillance. This is the highest level of encryption currently available, and twice the standard followed by many financial institutions, including banks.

You can read more about our security on our security website page here: 


“What is the vault?”

This is a secure area where you can store important documents. Many financial accounts can be digitally linked, but some will still need to be manually uploaded via the “Vault”. It is a great place to keep important documents such as deeds, titles, and estate planning documents for safekeeping and access anywhere, any time.

“What is a personal financial website?”

This is a secure online portal where you can upload and see all of your account details and information.

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