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Unconflicted Financial Planning

A Second Opinion You Can Trust

A financial advisor who is unbiased is not tied to selling any particular financial product to help you reach your goals. For us, being unconflicted means that we believe purchasing financial products may not be the only solution you have to reach your goals. Start our idea of financial planning without the expectation that you will spend a lot of money on financial products today, talk to a coach to learn more!


Turning Financial Literacy into Workplace Wealth

It’s a new era for financial wellness.

Personal Coach

Quickly access CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals as your personal coach-educator—real humans who care about your financial future.

Financial Team

Our CFP® professionals, together with subject-matter experts from every financial discipline, build and monitor your financial plan. Imagine. Your own financial team. Whenever you need their support.

Financial Cloud

24/7. Online. Secure. And up-to-date. Your finances in panoramic view.

Highly compensated executives and key employees can now integrate employer benefits with personal assets, a powerful formula for workplace wealth. At My Financial Coach, we’re turning financial literacy into workplace wealth, for you.

You’re a top performer. It’s time to make your finances a top performer too.