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Blue Star Consulting & Insurance Services, LLC

Don Prehn, managing member of Blue Star Consulting & Insurance Services, LLC, also serves as past president, board member, and senior advisor to InsMark, a 30 + year-old computer software firm in Northern California, recognized as the leader in life insurance analysis and presentation for the U.S. life insurance industry. Don serves as an SME in long-term care solutions.

At InsMark, Don heads up strategic partnerships, analyzes and performs due diligence on the best life insurance structures and concepts. Don formed Blue Star as a retail insurance agency to provide specialized solutions to select individual clients. Don has co-founded three other companies, and sold one, a finance company, to Goldman Sachs in 2002.

Blue Star works closely with many major institutions in the business such as Pacific Life, BMI, and one of the largest annuity wholesalers in the U. S., relationships which can be meaningful to MFC clients.