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Chris Roehm, CFP® Life Insurance Guy

Chris Roehm, CFP®

My job as a Life Insurance Guy is to make sure you do your planning.  The best plans begin by helping you clarify your goals and objectives.  That means asking the right questions.  And listening.

👉 Would anyone suffer financially if you died prematurely?

👉 If you (or your co-owner) died last weekend, what would happen to your business?

👉 Do you know what your business is really worth?

👉 What are you doing to lock-in your key employees?

👉 Where will you get your income when you stop working full-time?

👉 Are you aware the impact taxes will have on your IRA/401(k)?

👉 Do you get a discount on your insurance because of your healthy lifestyle?

👉 Do you have someone reviewing your policies every year before you pay the premium?

👉 Have you done all you can to protect your estate from unneccesary taxes?

👉 Does your family know everything from your financial affairs to your Netflix password?

If you want to discuss any of these questions, let’s jump on a Zoom call.

On the personal side…

👉  I was born and raised and still live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

👉 I’ve been married to the Great Swede since 1985

👉 I’ve been a rugby referee for 35 years 🏉

👉 I ride a bicycle and do hot yoga to stay fit

👉 I play online chess ♞

👉 I listen to classical and jazz because I prefer music without lyrics

👉 I’ve seen every episode of American Idol and cry every time