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Home Wealth IQ

Steve Hotovec
President Barastone Inc, Co-Founder HomeWealthIQ

Mr. Hotovec has over 25 years of experience in brokerage, trading and alternative investments. Steve co-founded Barastone Inc.in 2014, and is a Pioneer, educator and thought leader in non-debt, non-bank liquidity solutions for homeowners and residential property owners.

Home Equity Agreements (HEAs) represent an innovative financial tool allowing homeowners and residential property owners the ability to access trapped equity without monthly interest payments or the burden of additional debt.

Through its experience as an investor, originator and product educator, Barastone has developed HomeWealthIQ, a platform which provides tools, solutions and strategies for homeowners and financial professionals to intelligently access and manage Home Wealth.

Brian Bewley
CIO Barastone Inc, Co-Founder HomeWealthIQ

Brian has been active in the financial services industry for nearly 15 years, where he has consulted on financial modeling and developed software for financial industry experts and insurance marketing firms.  He has been instrumental in creating tools, resources, and strategies so homeowners and advisors can properly integrate home equity into their wealth plan.