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David N. Richter, CLU®, ChFC®

David is a Principal of TCS Insurance, a niche firm with a national practice of designing, implementing, and administering high-limit, supplemental disability insurance plans for organizations with a concentration of high-income earners.
Having seen the real-life challenges associated with someone close becoming permanently disabled, David has a passion for finding creative ways to address the income protection needs of the highest income earners at large organizations so their families can be protected.
Without adequate income protection through disability insurance, one’s entire livelihood is at risk, if a disability strikes. Yet, on our own, most of us cannot solve this problem.
The employer is needed to facilitate access to coverage that cannot be replicated by individuals, on their own.
David and his wife, Irene, are avid hikers and enjoy spending time with their 4 children and their grandchild.

Steven C. Wight, CLU®, ChFC®

Steve is a Principal of TCS Insurance and specializes in marketing, designing, and administering income protection solutions – Disability and Life Insurance – for US based organizations and their international offices. The innovative plans that Steve and TCS deliver to clients often include layers of group coverage, individual multi-life disability insurance, and Lloyd’s of London to access the highest benefit limits with no underwriting in the most cost and tax-efficient manner possible.

Steve earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of San Francisco and holds the CLU® and ChFC® designations with the American College.

Outside of work, Steve spends his time golfing, woodworking and hiking around Northern California and Lake Tahoe. Steve lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, with his wife, son, and dog.