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Refer a Friend!

Refer a Friend!

You Get:

$100 gift card for every friend that you refer*

They Get:

A $500 discount on the One-Time Onboarding Fee*

*the person who you refer must remain a client with My Financial Coach beyond a 30-day period. This $500 discount is not applicable with any other promotional offers such as discounts offered through company associations.

When will I get my $100 gift card?

You will receive the gift card after a 30-day period following your friend’s purchase of the financial planning service. You must be a client who is currently working with My Financial Coach to receive a gift card. We will deliver the gift card from our customer service email digitally. Keep an eye on your inbox!

When will my friend receive the $500 discount

Your friend will be asked to schedule a no cost initial consultation with a financial coach where your friend can ask questions about the planning process and decide if the planning process is right for them. The coach will then set up a second meeting with your friend. Between the end of the first meeting and the start of the second meeting, it will be expected that your friend sign our Advisory Agreement and purchase the financial planning. At time of purchase, the $500 reduction of the One-Time Onboarding Fee will be applied.

What if my friend decides they don't want the planning anymore after purchase?

My Financial Coach offers a Money-Back Guarantee that starts from the moment payment is taken and will extend for thirty days after the payment is made. All refunds will be processed within 2-3 business days after request. If your friend cancels before that 30 day period ends, your $100 gift card will not be distributed.

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What does my friend need to do?

Your friend will need to set up a no cost initial consultation meeting with a financial coach. When booking the call, your friend will see an area that says “Please share anything that will help prepare for our meeting.”

There, your friend will need to write that they have been referred by you, and input your:

  • email that you use with your financial coach
  • name that you go by with your financial coach

Your friend will need to schedule a meeting using this Calendly link below:

Send the link to your friend!



Disclosure: This program begins after March 13th, 2024 and does not include any previous referrals that were made before this date. The person you refer must input your name and email in the initial consultation Calendly indicated above. If is not done, no gift card will be distributed.

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