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Three Year Operations Anniversary

Virtual financial wellness and planning delivered in a comprehensive plan while remaining unbiased and unconflicted. That was the mission that brought together the operations team here at My Financial Coach. After three years of operations, My Financial Coach is still delivering on that mission and working to grow our impact. We have certainly had many moments...
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Top 5 Most Overlooked Financial Planning Topics

Financial planning is a journey, not a destination. There are a lot of ways you can engage in financial planning and there are several types of firms that focus on specific topics. For example, many investment management firms may focus on asset management and retirement income planning, while insurance agencies may focus on insurance gap planning....
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What Makes Private Client Insurance Different?

Once you’ve flown first class, you realize just how cramped it is in economy, with food that is either nonexistent or unappetizing, and no guarantee that you’ll have room for a carry-on bag in the overhead compartment. In first class, you get more space for bags and legs, better provisions and specialized attention from the flight...
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The Ultimate Guide to Turning Your Vacation Into a Tax Write-Off

One of the perks of being a small business owner is the tax deductions you can take advantage of, including writing off trips and vacations. You just need to know your motives before you go! To begin, you need to understand your trip needs to have a business purpose for it to be eligible as a tax deduction....
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The Prudent Policy Review™

No long-term financial instrument should be left unattended over time. A life insurance policy typically spans several decades and must be managed. Policy portfolios may be impacted or influenced by policy owner actions/inaction, the general economic environment, tax laws, health changes, family changes, risk tolerance changes, evolving goals, and changes in financial resources.  Policy management entails...
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Why You Should Care About Financial Advice

When it comes to financial, retirement, insurance, tax, and all the important life choice planning, you want to look for the best of all things. You want to find a financial partner that can both help you cover all your financial bases and provide expert level insights into each of these areas. You also probably want...
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