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Employer Match

Highly Compensated Individuals May Be Losing Their 401(k) Match

One of the first pieces of financial planning advice is that one should immediately take advantage of any employer’s matching. However, many individuals who are maxing out their 401(k) early in the year do not realize they are missing part of their employer’s match. It all comes down to the details. There is a lot of...
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Financial Wellness

The Emergence of Financial Wellness

In a world of buzzwords, where did Financial Wellness Programs come from and how did this industry grow? As with many aspects of life, it is hard to answer a question without understanding the context around the issues that this emerging industry is trying to solve. Let’s jump back to the early 1980s when the 401(k)...
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Providing Financial wellness for employees

Bridging the Gap: Financial Planning to Financial Wellness

Business leaders work with fierce competition and constant change every day. To succeed, leaders must understand how to dance with these unpredictable forces, learn resilience, and harness the potential for growth amid volatility. You need your most important assets, your key employees, to stay focused on achieving the company’s goals. However, when dealing with those goals,...
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NQCD helping to save for retirement

Why Pay More Taxes on Your NQDC Distribution Elections?

When you sign up for a nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plan, you agree to set aside a portion of your annual income until some future date such as beginning retirement or funding your children’s college education. In our experience, plan participants do not spend enough time determining when and how to receive this money, let alone...
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How Private Companies Compete for Key Employee Talent and Win

Closely held and family-owned businesses, all private companies for that matter, often find it difficult to attract and retain key employees. Key talent can be easily lured away by publicly held companies that offer company stock (equity) as a key component of total compensation packages. While the equity in a private company cannot be traded on a...
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What’s Behind the Low Participation of Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans?

The overall rate of companies offering nonqualified deferred compensation plans (NQDCs) increased to 85 percent in 2017 from a survey low of 77.2 percent in 2015, according to the annual Prudential/PLANSPONSOR Executives Benefits Survey. Average participation rates were relatively flat at 47 percent. So, how does this affect you? Plan sponsors believe the most important factor...
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