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Safety and Perspective in a Time of Headlines

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Safety and Perspective in a Time of Headlines

For weeks, anxious investors have had to endure headlines that conjure memories of the 2008 Financial Crisis. During these times of market volatility it is important to keep the situation in perspective, and while the headlines of today may seem unprecedented, panic can have unintentional consequences.

The latest news coming out for the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak can be unsettling and scary for many. Our condolences are with those who have either been personally affected by or have had friends or family members impacted by the virus. Daily life for millions of people has temporarily changed. At My Financial Coach we care deeply about your physical wellbeing and financial health. 

Just like the American public, we are taking steps to be prepared and will continue to support our customers and remain a pillar of stability for those that need help navigating today’s uncertain times.

Keeping Clients and Staff Safe is Our #1 Priority

My Financial Coach works in the community of Scottsdale, Arizona, and we are taking steps to protect the health and wellbeing of our clients and our employees. As they say, it takes a village, and we are committed to getting through these trying times together. 

Our office has always operated in a virtual capacity through web conferencing and phone calls and so we anticipate no disruption to our major operations. Our Financial Coaches will remain available by appointment and email as before, and all of our staff have been provided the tools and resources to work remotely. 

We have also taken precautions to help keep our staff healthy and safe, including suspending travel, canceling large group events or shifting them to being held via video conference. Our coaches remain dedicated to building and growing our personal relationships with our clients and maintaining the same fun and dedicated work environment we have created. 

We are in this Together!

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has outlined some great tips and best practices to help protect you and your family’s health during this trying time. Please take a look at this guide on How to Protect Yourself.

Please know My Financial Coach will also be following these best practices.

Your Financial Health

The daily headlines on the financial markets are enough to cause even the most steadfast investor to worry. Seeing exaggerated daily market changes (both up and down) can cause unease to set in, but we are here to help support you. Our coaches are available to answer any questions that you may have, and sometimes just having another perspective is helpful in unnerving situations. 

While we must address the realities of market turbulence on our client’s ability to achieve their financial goals, we believe that incidents even as catastrophic as a pandemic virus make for large impacts that are temporary in the grand scheme of the planning that we do for our clients. We do not possess a crystal ball to know when markets will bounce back, but history has shown the market’s resiliency means that markets often recover as suddenly as they drop. 

At My Financial Coach, we will continue to offer #financialwellness and #financialplanning via our digital platform and encourage others in the financial services industry to consider offering digital financial wellness to their clients as well. For more information, Contact Us to learn more about our best practices for digital financial wellness.

We implore everyone to stay safe, follow the recommendations of the CDC and your local governments, and take care of eachother. 

We are all in this together,

The Team at My Financial Coach







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