Benefits for Independent Contractors and Self Employed Individuals

Personalized Fortune 500 Benefits

As a 1099 independent contractor it is difficult to find affordable comprehensive medical insurance and other employee benefits.

Working with My Financial Coach and Milton Park Partners we have produced a solution that has saved people on average 30% on medical insurance coverage.

MFC/MPP can provide Fortune 500 type benefits by adding you to a large group and receiving that buying power. There are five plans with Blue Cross & Blue Shield (see rate card) as well as Health Savings Account, financial planning and 401(k) and retirement plan options.

The process is simple, you make a small capital contribution to become a limited partner in a partnership with other independent contractors. Now as a partner, you are eligible for these benefits. When you leave the partnership, you will receive your capital contribution back minus some small accounting charges ($200-$250). Watch the video below and click on the link to set up a call. MFC/MPP can do a side-by-side comparison for you.


My Financial Coach, in association with Milton Park Partners, is here to help you with a best-in-class concierge HR solution for individuals who want benefits packages similar to leading Fortune 500 companies and guided by a dedicated personal CFP® professional. By analyzing your personal financial picture and lifestyle, we are able to create a benefits package that addresses your goals and helps you achieve peace of mind.

Monthly Admin Fee Includes with No Additional Cost

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Access to 401(k) and Safe Harbor Plans – customized
  • Access to Health Savings Account
  • Identity Theft Coverage
  • Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) with STD LTD
  • Milton Park Management with complete HR services if needed

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