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What Makes Private Client Insurance Different?

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What Makes Private Client Insurance Different?

My Financial Coach would like to present our most recent guest blog brought to you by our Subject Matter Expert, Kelly Klee. You can read more about them and our other Subject Matter Experts on our SME page.



Once you’ve flown first class, you realize just how cramped it is in economy, with food that is either nonexistent or unappetizing, and no guarantee that you’ll have room for a carry-on bag in the overhead compartment. In first class, you get more space for bags and legs, better provisions and specialized attention from the flight crew.

On the surface, private client insurance may seem to be the equivalent of first class compared to mass-market insurance. With private client insurance, you get higher coverage limits (more space), additional coverages not available from mass-market insurers (better provisions) and, if you work with Kelly Klee, highly personalized service from an agent with years of experience (specialized attention).

Yet there is an important difference between flying and insurance. No matter where you sit on a plane, you arrive at the same destination as the other passengers. Choosing your seat is mostly about comfort and convenience—unless there is a major catastrophe, in which case chance dictates whether your seat choice means life or death. In the long run, you have no more control over the outcome of your flight than a passenger in economy.

With private client insurance, you have a lot more control about your financial outcomes than if you insure with a mass-market carrier. This plays out in a few ways:

  • Access to much higher coverage limits mean you can preserve your way of life in the event of a pricey natural disaster or lawsuit.
  • With the agreed-value and replacement-cost features available with private client insurance, there is no haggling in the event of a claim. You know ahead of time exactly what you’ll get.
  • Using the same private client insurance carrier for different types of policies give you coverage that is seamless.
  • Private client insurers cover specialty items such as wine collections or replacement of one item in a matched pair, like earrings.

In addition, the sales philosophy behind private client insurance makes the process of shopping and purchasing a better experience. The goal of Kelly Klee is to retain the business of successful individuals and families, not to sign up as many customers as possible with companies that will fight tooth-and-nail to pay as little as possible on a claim. We only work with insurers who specialize in the high-end market. If you do have a claim, we work hard to make the experience as stress-free as possible so you can quickly move on with your life.

Whether you fly first class or economy, if you’re able to afford first-class airplane tickets, you may be a candidate for private client insurance. Let Kelly Klee do a thorough assessment of your insurance needs and offer a no-obligation quote. You may find that your choice of insurance could play an important role in helping you arrive at your desired financial destination.

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