3. How To Link Accounts

In this class, you will learn how to link your accounts in a digital as well as manual manner. Digitally linking accounts allows the software to see account types, balances, and holdings as well as provide real-time projections and transaction tracking.

Digitally Link:

  1. On the homepage, select the link “+Add Account”.
  2. Select “I have an online login to this account” and enter the name of your institution in the search bar.
  3. Select the corresponding link and follow the remaining steps. It should take you to the page where you normally log on to your account.

Manually Link: 

  1. If you are unable to digitally link a particular account or policy, choose the “I do not have an online login to this account.” Then follow the steps to add the account manually.

*if you find the software having trouble adding/reconnecting accounts on your mobile phone, try using a desktop instead!