6. How to Use Your Vault

In this class, you will be exploring the vault tool. Storing electronic documents in your vault keeps them safe from damage or loss. It allows your loved ones to know where to find them when needed. This is also a way that coaches can send you documents (such as a financial plan) in a secure manner.
  1. Click the “Vault” link at the top of your My Financial Coach webpage.
  • The Private folder is accessible to you only. This is where you can conveniently store private documents that you do not want to share.
  • Because email is not considered to be completely secure, we discourage clients from attaching sensitive documents to them. If a financial coach has requested a financial document from you, click the Shared Documents folder. Then click the Upload button to give your coach access to the document. This could be a financial statement, insurance policy, budget spreadsheet, will, trust, or any other financial document. Our coaches also leverage the Vault when sharing sensitive documents, such as a financial plan.


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