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Transforming you—over time—into an independent, financial authority.

Advisor vs. Coach

What’s the difference between a financial advisor and a financial coach?
Seems slight, right?

In fact, there’s a measurable difference.

Yes, advisors do financial planning. And most are excellent at their profession.
Some are fee-based only. Many others sell products on commission.
But inherent conflicts of interest exist in these relationships.

What’s more, financial advisors want to control and manage the “wealth” you’ve already built.

How do you know if you can trust their objectivity, transparency, or fee disclosures?
Without a handsome chunk of investable assets, you may not get the attention you deserve.

You need advice uncompromised by any money motives. Except your own.

My Financial Coach CFP® Professionals Do Not Sell

They educate. Motivate. Share knowledge. Study you as an individual with aspirations. And focus you.

They help you set goals, learn wealth-building skills, make decisions, build plans, and execute on the right strategies to lay the foundation for wealth.

Our CFP® professionals monitor your progress. And care about the impact of your decisions through every stage of life, especially when unexpected events hit you that can change everything.

Expect your client-centered coach-educator to transform you—over time—into an independent, financial authority in your own right.

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