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Benefits for Dentists who are Self-Employed or in Independent Practice

Many small dental practices struggle with providing medical and other benefits to themselves and employees due their side. Insurance providers with small employer group plans are expensive and PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations) want five or more employees and charge a large month administration fee.

A number of your colleagues that work for larger Organizations or even Fortune 500 Companies tout their workplace benefits like having access to a 401(k) and large benefits such as health and life insurance. You wanted to be different and run an independent practice. You wanted to create something and have freedom in your career. But, what if you could remain independent but still have access to the benefits of the other half? As an independent contractor or self-employed person, you now can have access to Fortune 500 type benefits. If you have employees you can include them too.

My Financial Coach, in association with Milton Park Partners, is here to help you with a best-in-class concierge HR solution for individuals who want benefits packages similar to leading Fortune 500 companies and guided by a dedicated personal CFP® professional. By analyzing your personal financial picture and lifestyle, we are able to create a benefits package that addresses your goals and helps you achieve peace of mind.

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