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We work with individuals by using our comprehensive financial planning and modeling technology paired with a personal CFP® to uncover and fill financial gaps.

Wellington Wealth Strategies

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Founded: January 10th, 1996


  • CFP®

License(s) and/or Registration(s):

  • Series 7
  • Life/Health

“Are you currently involved in a lawsuit with a client? If so, please describe the lawsuit in detail.”- No

“Have you been in a previous lawsuit with a client? If so please describe the lawsuit in detail.” – No

“Are you currently involved in a regulatory action with your regulatory agency? If so, please describe the lawsuit in detail.” – No

“Have you been in a previous regulatory action with your regulatory agency? If so please describe the lawsuit in detail.” – No


Describe your firm in your own words and the types of clients that you typically work with:
Individuals that want to create wealth efficiently whether their income is 100k or 1,000,000

How are you compensated for your work? List your compensation methods out in detail:
Certain products pay commission that is paid by the company that the business is placed with. All investments are fee based not commission per trade or MF/ETF. Fees for time.

What is the one standout detail about your firm that clients find with your firm that they have not found elsewhere?:
Process over product.



Max Moritz, CFP®

Max is a Founder and Partner of Wellington Wealth Strategies. Prior to WWS, Max joined The Wellington Group in January 2015. At WWS, Max is committed to making positive change and helping clients make fact- based decision-making that eliminates opinions and uncoordinated action. The surest path to sustainable financial health is by viewing it as a holistic process, and then embracing 21st Century technologies and tools to get there.
At WWS we take a systematic method to critical thinking deriving factual certainty from a set of information; the place where knowledge, wisdom and action meet. Approaching from a place of unbiased mathematical and scientific examination that isn’t prejudiced toward any specific product or strategy. Only by looking at both sides of the coin, can you end up with a unified and optimized financial position comprised of products and strategies all working together, rather than against each other.


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When the markets underestimate how high the Fed may raise rates, it is natural to be concerned how this will this impact your current financial planning and your family’s future. All eyes are on the impacts of inflation and the various rate increases we have been seeing over the last year.

In this webinar, we will be sitting down with the Father of Supply-Side Economics to discuss current events and the solutions he has to offer. Ask him your questions!




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