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Ladder Joins Digital Platform of My Financial Coach as a Subject Matter Expert

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August 29, 2019, Scottsdale, AZ— My Financial Coach (MFC)


My Financial Coach announces today that Ladder, the company that has
reinvented life insurance to offer simple, flexible, and smart term life insurance online
with no commissioned agents, signed an agreement to join its digital platform as a
subject matter expert.


With stellar prices, no hidden fees, and the flexibility to adjust or cancel your coverage
anytime, Ladder is on a mission to fuel the resilience of underinsured families and
communities by closing the $16T life insurance gap. Founded in 2015, Ladder
leverages AI and a direct-to-consumer, full-stack approach to make life insurance more
fair and accessible.


Enpo Tu, MFC COO says, “We are glad to have the opportunity to work with a company
that shares our vision for helping clients take the stress and complexity out of their
money decisions. While many of our clients enjoy the concierge service provided by
traditional advisors, we at My Financial Coach appreciate the technology paired with the
ease of access that Ladder brings to the Do-It-Yourself segment of our clientele.”


About Subject Matter Experts
What distinguishes top experts at MFC from an average SME—a rigorous research and
screening process before selection to assess and certify adherence to high professional
standards of conduct. The MFC family of SMEs covers virtually every aspect of financial
planning and implementation including retirement planners, top money managers,
insurance experts, estate planning lawyers, and tax specialists.


About My Financial Coach
A financial-wellness program, MFC delivers an affordable, corporate-sponsored group
benefit for executives and employees to collaborate and create personalized financial
plans to meet their life goals. Beneficiaries  use the program in three different ways,
they can:


1. enjoy the freedom of do-it-yourself investing with support from Certified Financial
Planner® (CFP® Professional) coaches for independent fiduciary advice and education;
2. rely on their MFC coach to enhance ongoing work with their current advisors or;
3. use the MFC coaching service in combination with well-vetted SMEs to solve more
complex, individualized financial issues.


Users of the platform can access live chat, phone, and email on mobile and desktop
platforms, with 24/7 email support for advice, questions, or second opinions on
everything from mortgages, debts, and investments to insurance, taxes and retirement

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