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My Financial Coach NFTs? But Why?!

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April 13, 2022, Scottsdale, AZ – What exactly goes into creating an NFT collection? What makes an NFT valuable? Are NFTs really just expensive digital pictures?! 

We understand that many people are becoming more aware of the existence of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Here at My Financial Coach, we are exploring how they fit into the personal and financial lives of all individuals. This project mostly started as a result of our many coaches at My Financial Coach constantly being asked for our opinion and position on this item. What better way to explain the journey than to successfully go through the process of making NFTs ourselves!

In documenting our journey during this project and explaining through our upcoming content, we would better help everyone from our clients to those interested parties visualize and understand the evolving nature of tools like NFTs. 

We hope to continue to grow this project to bring even greater financial literacy and financial wellness to the public at large, so you may see more projects similar to this in the near future!

Disclaimer: The purpose of this project is for financial literacy purposes surrounding the creation of an NFT and not meant to be advice or endorsement surrounding the addition of cryptocurrencies or NFTs to existing portfolios. That being said, collect your favorite coaches and learn other fun financial facts along the way! If you would like to be a part of our NFT project, please visit our landing page here:

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