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Thirty years ago, I discovered and set out to master the nonqualified deferred compensation field. I designed and placed several hundred plans prior to the 1986 Tax Reform Act, which caused dramatic changes in how these arrangements were funding. Prior to the Act, we could credit participant accounts with 18 to 22 percent guaranteed interest...
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As a highly compensated executive, you are focused on your career and management responsibilities. But no employee can afford to overlook personal financial planning. At the same time, your employer has a vested interest in helping you, and not just in your job, but in your personal wealth management as well. Why? Because when you’re...
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Via the recent CARE Act, many homeowners that have a mortgage now qualify to halt 12 payments on their monthly mortgage through a forbearance request to their lender. Now, nearly 4% of all mortgages are in forbearance and the Mortgage Banker Association reports a 1,270% increase in forbearance requests the week of March 2 and...
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