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Meet The Coaches: My Journey into Finance – April Rohl CFP®, RICP®

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Meet The Coaches:

My Journey into Finance – April Rohl CFP®, RICP®



In early 2020 the CFP Board announced that 23.2% of women held the CFP® designation, up 4% from the previous year. Even though this was cause for celebration, female financial advisors only make up about 15-20% of all advisors today and leave lots of opportunities open for women to enter the field – this is where my story begins.

I fell into finance by accident, as I left college with a degree in journalism. I worked a few other jobs, and landed a contract position with Vanguard in 2010; a few months in, I learned finance was an area I enjoyed and applied to join Vanguard full-time the following year.

After exploring a few different career paths, I learned about the CFP® and how I would be able to further help clients on their financial journey through planning. I passed the exam in November 2015, and received an additional designation called the RICP® (Retirement Income Certified Professional) in 2018. I have been lucky enough to work for a few different companies, and I’ve been able to gain knowledge on complex employer benefits, retirement planning, budgeting, life insurance, annuities, investments, and several other aspects of holistic planning. 

By coming to work at My Financial Coach, I will be given the opportunity to shape our financial advice, impact clients, and help future financial coaches strive to provide unbiased advice that speaks to all individuals. I also hope that by sharing how I started in finance, other women will also consider pursuing this rewarding career path to make a difference in their client’s lives. I am looking forward to positively impacting this organization and training the next generation of financial planners!


April Rohl

Financial Coach

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