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Three Year Operations Anniversary

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Hi Friends and Fans,

Virtual financial wellness and planning delivered in a comprehensive plan while remaining unbiased and unconflicted. That was the mission that brought together the operations team here at My Financial Coach. After three years of operations, My Financial Coach is still delivering on that mission and working to grow our impact. We have certainly had many moments of progress and setbacks, as well as unforeseen events. Yet, we have moved past each moment gaining strength, learning lessons, and growing as a team to handle all situations.

There is a very good expression, be careful what you wish for, it just may come true. I wanted to be part of an early stage start-up making a difference in the world of financial planning. Little did I know at the time, I would get that chance as the first person to join our operations team. Fortunately for myself, I had the support and guidance from our CEO Bill MacDonald on how to successfully navigate growing a start-up from HR decisions to finding office space. Additionally, I was soon able to lean on the help of our second operations team member James Hargrave as our Director of Financial Planning. 

With this initial team, we were able to put together our first iteration of My Financial Coach’s planning process. It was clunky and unrefined, but it would be the chassis on which we would put the powerful engine of our determination to improve and build. Since then, we have continued to blend financial technology with expert planning to deliver personalized and helpful financial insights and modeling. We look forward to even more improvements in the future as we grow and develop our planning process.

2021 is nearly at an end and 2022 will be right around the corner. I look forward to all the new opportunities and challenges we will face coming down the pike. I know that with our current team, we are excited about all the possibilities and encourage everyone to continue following us as we change the field of financial planning and modeling for what we believe and hope is positive and industry leading.




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