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Why You Should Care About Financial Advice

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Why You Should Care About Financial Advice

When it comes to financial, retirement, insurance, tax, and all the important life choice planning, you want to look for the best of all things. You want to find a financial partner that can both help you cover all your financial bases and provide expert level insights into each of these areas. You also probably want someone who works only for you,your goals, and objectives rather than having ulterior motives such as their personal gain or conflicting interests. These are the core underlying principles of many of the laws and internal regulations that have come to govern the financial services industry over time.

Going beyond just the spirit of this law, My Financial Coach’s planning process was designed from the ground up to capture the true nature of the ideals of the industry. We do this by creating a core group of CFP®s who will create a comprehensive financial plan that looks at all parts of your financial life in a holistic manner. If there is a need for additional support in any area such as tax, legal, investment,etc, we partner with best in class firms in those respective areas to go deeper to help explore all the best solutions. 

This is done in an unbiased and unconflicted manner as the CFP® you work with is never compensated on any product or service you decide to explore. They are not incentivized in any way other than those that help our clients reach their goals and motivate them to continue financial planning. In order to better explain our model and dive a little deeper into this, we have created this guide to better explain the My Financial Coach and Subject Matter Expert advantage. We hope you enjoy!

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