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Coronavirus: Facts Among the Fear

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Coronavirus: Facts Among the Fear

As of writing this article, the markets continue in a downward trend. Headlines around the world are telling everyone to embrace for the worst regarding the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). When it comes to you and your family’s health, at My Financial Coach, we encourage everyone to stay vigilant, listen to the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and your local governments on how to proceed with actions such as social distancing and home quarantine. 

It is easy to be fearful in these unprecedented times. We think it is important for the facts to speak for themselves. As an organization, My Financial Coach is fortunate to have strong leadership at the helm. Leadership such as Dr. Arthur B. Laffer, also known as “The Father of Supply-Side Economics,” and who developed the Laffer Curve, has been working with both leading medical professionals, and economists to shed some light on these headline concerns. 

In a conference call hosted by Dr. Laffer: “Coronavirus: Medical and Scientific Response”, medical professionals Michael J. Stabike, M.D. and F. J. Campbell, M.D. discuss the medical community’s current response to the coronavirus outbreak. This conversation goes into:  the steps necessary to bring normalcy back to the public, the life cycle of a pandemic, worldwide response, case fatality rate, and issues concerning the quality of critical care in the United States and how it compares globally. 

While My Financial Coach does not qualify itself as a medical expert firm, we hope that the information presented here by those who are medical experts can help bring perspective in these unprecedented times. 

In addition to bringing you this conference call on the medical community’s insights on the Coronavirus outbreak, we would also like to share a draft of a statement formulated by The Committee to Unleash Prosperity. This document is a call to address Congress’ preparation of a massive stimulus package to combat the economic implications of this outbreak. The following statement is being authored jointly by Dr. Arthur Laffer, Stephen Moore, and Steve Forbes

Facts Among the Fear

(Click the image above to link to the PDF)

Want to find out more about how My Financial Coach is responding to Coronavirus? Please see our previous article detailing the actions we are taking to keep our staff healthy and available to discuss your financial goals. 

Please stay safe and informed during this difficult time,

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